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3 Steps to Face Daily Challenges with Fresh Enthusiasm

Rituals bring control in the storm. The storm won’t change, but how you respond does.

During a recent coaching call, a client relayed a ritual he uses before showing up at work.

How to face daily challenges with Fresh Enthusiasm:

#1. Pour fuel in your tank.

Listen to a podcast or audio book. Focus on something other than the challenges of the day.

A wandering mind sinks into dark places.

#2. Choose how you show up.

You might choose a can-do attitude, or you could schedule a gratitude walkabout first thing.

If you don’t choose how you show up, someone else will, and it won’t be pretty.

Problems control your mind if you don’t get a grip on how you show up.

Choose ‘what to do’ and ‘how to be’. The difference concerns doing and being.

Choosing ‘what to do’ is helpful to face pressing challenges. For example, show up to show gratitude or to bring up a nagging issue.

Choosing ‘who to be’ is a long-term approach. You might show up as coach, for example. Imagine the best coach you ever had. How might you emulate their behavior and attitude during the day?

I often show up like a grandfather. The people I work with aren’t my grandchildren, but the attitude of a grandfather expresses itself as positivity, playfulness, and a growth mindset. My inner grandfather is more optimistic than the inner curmudgeon that lurks in the shadows.

#3. Rock out.

Pump yourself up with music. Walk into work with a spring in your step.

Enthusiasm takes you further than catastrophizing.

This 3-step approach won’t eliminate daily challenges, but it will change how you face challenges.

Challenge: Choose a morning ritual that sets the tone for your day.

What practices and rituals strengthen leaders to face the daily challenges of leadership with optimism?

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