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4 Practices of Kindness that Make You Glorious

Everything stops in our house with the first snow. My wife joyfully calls, “It’s snowing.” We gaze like children. Sometimes we stand close. Usually it spits and sputters, but if we’re lucky, the first snow might change the world.

Kindness is glorious like snow.


The biggest mistake about kindness is assuming it’s weakness. Any broken-down mule can kick and make a fuss.

If you think kindness is weakness, you should try being kind for a week.

When someone disrespects you, it’s not kind to play dead. Kindness doesn’t tolerate abuse or concede to the ugly side of a person.

It’s kind to say, “You can do better.”

It’s kind to say, “We don’t do that around here.”

Kindness is more than passive platitudes; it’s a call to rise. Doing our best always feels better than sleepwalking. Try being kind in ways that lead people to believe in themselves.

Kindness looks forward.

4 practices of kindness:

#1. Speak clearly.

Confusion and ambiguity persecute with anxiety and frustration. It’s not kind to use vagaries when the truth is painful.

Use kindness to muster courage to address tough issues, not anger.

#2. Support frequently.

Teams will attack hell with a squirt gun – when they feel supported. Every time you hang someone out to dry, they learn to pull back.

If you wonder how to support your team, ask them.

#3. Enjoy consistently.

How might you enjoy serious work?

  1. Don’t allow dread to dominate your language. If you’re worried, take positive action.
  2. Remember the big purpose when you feel choked by the weeds.
  3. Listen to music.
  4. Notice imperfect progress.
  5. Smile.

#4. Compliment repeatedly.

Our brains react to compliments like they are money. (Neuron)

Kindness is glorious because it lifts both giver and recipient.

Why is unkindness tempting?

How might you practice kindness today?

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