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Things that Ruin Leaders

Blue butterflies and mushrooms.

An unlived life is a destructive fantasy until you get busy creating it.

Losing yourself and finding yourself ruins leaders.

Most of us are still finding ourselves. We live to please our parents, teachers, bosses, lovers, and friends. It’s healthy to please others but devastating to judge ourselves by the approval we receive.

Living to please others is unsustainable and never satisfying.

You corrupt your unique contribution when you dilute yourself.

Finding yourself is more sinister than losing yourself because it’s done intentionally. We lose ourselves by neglect. We find ourselves – or think we find ourselves – using premeditated methods. I find the more I think about myself, the more self-centered I become.

Self-reflection is useful only as a tool to expand contribution. Self-reflection is a method, not an end. It should be done in small doses. Spend time journaling, for example. But whatever you do, get busy serving.

Anything you do that makes you self-centered destroys you.

Self-reflection is delusion when it makes you the center of the universe. You’re a speck, not the center.

Self-reflection that produces humility lifts you.

Past successes and future dreams ruin leaders.

Get over your successes. Move on.

It’s tragic to lose your life by pining for something that doesn’t exist.

Pining is insulting. Who cares if you had a more talented team 10 years ago? Comparing today to coddled memories makes you miserable and insults everyone around you.

Future dreams pollute the present more than past successes.

An unlived life is a destructive fantasy until you get busy creating it.

The ultimate question is, “How are you contributing today?” Forget about past successes. Glance at your dreams. Dig deep into making a difference now.

Anything that dilutes your best contribution is destructive, even if it’s a good thing.

What ruins leaders?

What expands leaders?

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