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3 Creative Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Connection

I asked Canadian scholar and author Henry Mintzberg to share the word of advice he most enjoyed giving managers. He said, “I can give you one word. Connect.”

I was underwhelmed. His wisdom came slowly to me. Ten years later, I strive to live into Mintzberg’s one-word.

A word about Mintzberg:

The way we write about management and the way management is practiced are two different things.

He writes, “Managers cannot be the reflective, systematic planners idealized in most management books—realities like the unrelenting pace, the frequent interruptions, and the dizzying variety of activity make that impossible.”

“We should be seeing managers as leaders, and leadership as management practiced well.”

Why cultivate meaningful connection:

Connecting feels inconvenient in a world of pressing deadlines. Just get ‘er did!

Who will deliver the best results? Someone who feels connected, or someone who feels like an outsider.

Energy, fulfillment, and results connect to relationship.

3 ways to cultivate meaningful connection:

Cultivate meaningful connection with heart and technique.

Heart makes you trustworthy. Technique makes you effective.

“Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive substance and strength from the relationship.” Brene’ Brown

Are you causing people to feel stronger because you’re in their life?

Brene’ Brown suggests three ways to cultivate meaningful connection in her new book, “Atlas of the Heart.”

#1. Develop grounded confidence displayed in a commitment to learn and improve.

#2. Practice courage to walk alongside. Be other focused. Share “power with” and “power to”.

#3. Practice story stewardship by honoring story as sacred. Build narrative trust by believing, acknowledging, and affirming.

I haven’t lived up to Mintzberg’s one-word, but I aspire to it.

How might managers cultivate meaningful connection in a world of pressing deadlines?

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