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Enjoy Big Difference from 7 Delightfully Small Things

High achievers push themselves. One of the joys of life is small things that make a big difference.

Small, simple, and attainable is better than dramatic, complicated, and out of reach.

Arrogance scoffs at small things.  Be humble enough to embrace the power of small things to make a big difference.

7 Small Things That Make a Big Difference

#1. Shorten 60-minutes to 50-minutes.

Make back-to-back meetings a sin against humanity!

Using the restroom and getting a drink are normal and necessary. They shouldn’t be rushed.

Take three minutes before your next meeting to breathe, admire the people in the meeting, and choose how you show up.

#2. Release tension.

I clench my butt cheeks when I’m sitting at my desk, and shoulders, neck, and legs. No one is around. I’m just clenching. Several times a day I release tension in my body.

Take a few breaths, release the tension, and carry on.

Notice tension comes back quickly. Let it go again.

#3. Forget what’s next.

You can’t focus on this thing when you’re thinking about the next thing.

Being present boils down to paying attention to what you’re doing now.

Mindfulness is doing one thing at a time.

#4. Create short to-do lists.

Create a to-do list you can complete today!

Distill long-term projects into steps you can complete today.

It’s dumb to create a million dripping faucets. Finish stuff.

#5. Go to bed.

Rest is good. Even God rested.

#6. Stop before exhaustion sets in.

End your day feeling good, not exhausted. Fatigue sucks joy from life.

Work hard. Take breaks. Go home and enjoy life.

#7. Like people.

Don’t be so consumed with fixing people that you end up disliking them.

Small things make a big difference when they’re done persistently and skillfully.

Which small thing on the above list has made a big difference for you?

What small things have made a big difference for you?

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