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5 Ways to Matter More in the World

You matter more when you reach beyond yourself.

#1. Don’t strive to matter more.

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” Sir Edmund Hillary

The best things in life show up unannounced when conditions are met.

Kindness and joy are better given than sought.

Image source: Edmund_Hillary

#2. Seek to advantage others.

Everyone seeks their own advantage. You matter more when you bring advantage to others.

Self-serving makes you matter less.

  1. Consider self-care a tool that enables service. Self-serving self-care lessens impact.
  2. Embrace confidence that you are able to bring advantage to others.
  3. Enjoy applause, but never seek it.
  4. Reflect on the needs and goals of others. You know what you want. Leaders maximize their impact when they understand what others want.

#3. Respect the value you bring to others.

Don’t expect to matter more when you think you don’t matter.

You bring value to all by showing respect, honoring talent, and working to advantage others.

Your talent and skill are most relevant to a narrow audience. Who benefits most from your talent?

#4. Build connection with people who work to bring value.

Life stinks when you surround yourself with selfish pigs.

You’re likely to maximize your impact in the world if you surround yourself with people who work to bring value to others.

  1. Notice the orientation of the people you hang around.
  2. Reflect on the way people approach challenges.
  3. Evaluate the subtle influence of your words, tone, attitude, and body language.

Are the people you hang around going where you want to go?

#5. Improve your ability to bring value to others.

Self-development is the first development.

  1. Learn as you go.
  2. Adapt to new circumstances.
  3. Ask questions when you receive praise. “What exactly did I do that made a difference for you?”

Tip: Consistently practice simple behaviors.

  1. Listen patiently.
  2. Smile frequently.
  3. Lend a hand willingly.

Which of the 5 ways to matter more are most relevant to you?

What would you add to the above list?

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