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An Actionable Solution to the Mistakes Leaders Make

There are many paths to success, but the options for screwing up are limitless. You screw up by leaving things undone, or you do the right thing in the wrong way.

It’s usually easier to spot mistakes of action than mistakes of neglect.

The mistakes leaders make are deadly because they harm others.

You’ve probably made all the mistakes listed below.

Reasons for the mistakes leaders make:

You do the wrong thing for two reasons, ease or ignorance. Sometimes the wrong thing is easier than the right thing. Other times you’re just ignorant.

Mistakes of ease are caused by lack of courage or short-term wins.

Sincere ignorance doesn’t do the right thing because it’s busy doing other things.

7 mistakes of ease:

  1. Not giving feedback.
  2. Not seeking feedback.
  3. Postponing tough conversations.
  4. Ignoring problems.
  5. Allowing fuzzy accountability.
  6. Not defining the win.
  7. Not setting priorities.

Mistakes of ease sacrifice the future on the altar of the immediate.

7 mistakes of ignorance:

  1. Confusing busy with getting things done.
  2. Working hard on the wrong things. Doing someone’s work for them, for example.
  3. Hanging on too long. Mistakes of endurance wear you down.
  4. Trying harder. Pedaling faster when you’re going the wrong way doesn’t help.
  5. Going it alone. Isolation intensifies ignorance.
  6. Waiting for the perfect decision instead of moving the ball forward.
  7. Allowing double standards. You notice the mistakes of others and make exemption for your own.

The worst mistakes leaders make are a combination of ease and ignorance.

Solving the mistakes leaders make:

Lack of self-reflection prolongs mistake-making.

Invest 15 minutes a day asking yourself questions.

  1. What’s working?
  2. What’s not working?
  3. What are my frustrations?
  4. What am I learning?
  5. What could I try that I haven’t tried yet?
  6. What’s giving me energy?
  7. What’s draining my energy?

Self-reflection protects you from repeating the same mistakes.

What are some mistakes in leadership/management you have made?

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