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10 Ways to Manage Entitled People in the Real World

The entitlement monster always wants more.

When you feel you deserve it, you are ungrateful when you get it.

You don’t have the right to succeed. You earn it.

Entitled people:

  1. Prefer defensiveness over discussion.
  2. Use the ‘little people’ to feel superior.
  3. Want advantage without earning it. They don’t wait in line. The world owes them.
  4. Don’t compromise. Entitlement grabs its toys and runs home when it doesn’t get its way.
  5. Can’t see their weaknesses and frailties.
  6. Choose blame over responsibility.
  7. Feel underappreciated. Entitled people always need compliments and affirmations.
  8. Judge themselves as more talented than others.
  9. Take short-cuts to get ahead.
  10. Think ‘what’s best for me’, not ‘what’s best for us’.
  11. Choose arguing rather than admit they’re wrong.
  12. Act like victims when they don’t get what they want.

Do you catch glimpses of yourself in the above list? There’s a little entitlement in all of us.

Entitled people don’t see their own jerkholery.

10 real world ways to manage entitled people:

#1. Highlight earning it.

You don’t deserve it. You get to earn it.

#2. Praise hard work more than talent.

“You worked hard to bring this project home,” is better than, “You’re so talented.”

#3. Provide corrective feedback.

Don’t inflate positive feedback. Give clear corrective feedback when appropriate.

#4. Set clear expectations.

Avoid opportunities for people to overestimate their performance.

#5. Establish a rhythm for accountability.

Track performance, but remember no one enjoys micro-management.  

#6. Treat people equally.

#7. Provide opportunities for team members to praise their peers.

#8. Encourage people to focus on things within their control.

#9. Ask people what they are thankful for.

Entitled people feel ungrateful when they finally get what they feel they deserve.

The enemy of entitlement is gratitude.

#10. Practice perspective-taking.

Recognize the viewpoint of others. Seek input from diverse people and groups.

What signs of entitlement do you see in your organization?

What suggestions do you have for managing entitled people?

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