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Organizing for an Innovative Culture

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Organizations that don’t organize for innovation organize for stagnation.

Business leaders struggle to build a company that stands the test of time and remains effective no matter what the change. They must organize for innovative culture.

Growth is important, but it can also lead to chaos and confusion if not managed correctly.

  1. Structure enables risk taking.
  2. Clear boundaries create focus.
  3. Small experiments and fast iterations reduce risk of failure.
  4. Identify who manages innovation projects, teams, and goals.
  5. Measure your company’s ability to enter new markets or create new business models.

Leaders play an essential role in setting the direction and strategy for their company, and in order to create an innovative culture, they need to understand the norms, values, and behaviors within their workplace.

4 ways to organize for an innovative culture:

Build a culture that promotes innovation, has an entrepreneurial mindset and sustainable value creation.

CEO’s steer organizations toward opportunity.

  1. Make innovation everyone’s duty.
  2. Train managers to spot and seize opportunities.
  3. Use an ideation platform to ideate.
  4. Expand diversity. The best ideas come from collaboration between diverse people.

Your organization’s future depends on creating a competitive advantage that cannot be copied.

Create an environment where innovation becomes second nature for everyone in their day-to-day functions.

Leadership is not about feeling comfortable, but about finding opportunities as they occur even when the numbers suggest otherwise.

What suggestions do you have for building an innovative culture?

Bella Rushi is an innovation management consultant and founder of Symmetri Consulting, which specializes in helping business leaders prioritize and align organizations for efficient innovation. Rushi is the author of, “The Innovative Executive: Leading Intelligently in the Age of Disruption,” and host of, “The Innovative Executive,” podcast.

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