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Humility: 10 Simple Ways to Quiet Arrogance in Yourself and in Others

Arrogance produces poverty of spirit.

Humility enables you to become your best self.

Comparison and contrast

Humility says:

You have room to grow.

Others have untapped genius.

The world goes on with or without you.

You are a wisp of air in the story of time.

Arrogance says:

Everything revolves around you.

You are indispensable.

Others need to change.

You have arrived.

Humility: 10 simple ways to quiet arrogance

#1. Reflect on the staggering regularity of the evening sky.

#2. Acknowledge that animals do things you can’t.

  1. Fleas jump 50 to 100 times their body length. You could jump over a 50 story building if you could jump like a flea.
  2. Dung beetles push the human equivalent of an 80 ton poop ball.
  3. Emperor penguins dive over 1,000 feet in freezing water.
  4. Great white sharks sense blood in the water three miles away.
  5. Star fish regenerate body parts.
  6. Birds fly.
  7. Fish breathe water.

Beauty is humbling.

We don’t aspire to become animals, fish, or bugs, but they are remarkable.

#3. Notice sameness.

You’re not special. Everyone on earth is fundamentally the same. Commonality quiets arrogance.

#4. Know you don’t know.

Things you don’t know exceed things you know.

Everything you know began with someone else.

#5. Admit you depend on others.

Independence is a destructive myth propagated by arrogance.

#6. Embrace frailty.

Small changes in temperature, air pressure, or air quality cause death.

#7. Seek corrective feedback.

#8. Notice others.

Focus outward.

Honor people’s achievements. Express gratitude. Show appreciation.

#9. Practice a new skill.

Being a novice quiets arrogance and increases humility.

#10. Be firm with grace and kindness.

Arrogance blusters.

Humility is tough and tender at the same time.

10 advantages of humility

  1. Human connection.
  2. Self-knowledge.
  3. Grounded confidence.
  4. Openness.
  5. Wonder.
  6. Learning.
  7. Kindness.
  8. Broad perspectives.
  9. Generosity.
  10. Forgiveness.

Everything good in leadership begins with humility.

How are you quieting arrogance?

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