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Calling Out Hypocritical Leaders

“The greatest harm in the world has been done by people with good intentions.” Anonymous

The most destructive hypocrites believe they’re authentic. They have good intentions but don’t see their own inconsistency.

Teams are destroyed by hypocritical leaders.

Hypocritical leaders:

The most destructive hypocrite is a sincere hypocrite with influence. Obscurity protects society from the unknown hypocrite.

A well-known hypocrite causes more damage than an obscure one.

The more influence you have, the greater your potential to corrupt.

Hypocritical leaders who feel authentic destroy organizations.

Self-deceived hypocritical leaders:

Hypocritical leaders say people matter and act like they don’t.

Leaders who say, “It’s all about the people,” but spend their days building systems, making plans, and signing papers are hypocrites. They might be sincere but they say one thing and do another.

Sincerity makes idiots of leaders when it’s the reason they don’t examine themselves.

Leaders who say, “It’s all about the people,” but avoid people are self-deceived.

Leaders who say it’s all about the people but run around barking at people like frightened lapdogs with bulbous eyes are the worst kind of hypocrite. Micromanagers don’t believe it’s about the people. They believe it’s about themselves.

There is a type of hypocrisy that has enough sense to see its own absurdity. Micromanagers don’t see the absurdity of their own inconsistency.

The answer:

The answer is people.

The answer to organizational challenges is people. You might protest, “What about planning and action?” Who do you think makes plans and takes action?

Programs and systems are helpful but extraneous apart from people. Additionally, leaders who create systems that drain people are hypocrites, regardless of sincerity.

Reject sincere hypocrisy.

  1. Leadership is about people.
  2. Pour yourself into people.
  3. Invite people to pour themselves into you.
  4. Look for answers in people because people are the answer.

What do people-centric organizations look like?

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