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6 Real World Ways to Build Hope

Sometimes the voice in your head whispers, “It’s not worth it.” Sometimes that voice is right. Sometimes it’s time to build hope.

Nietzsche said, “Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.” Hope might cause an abused woman to stay with her abuser, for example.

Nietzsche ignored hope’s potential.

Hope is power to get up in the morning and face challenges.

Hope is energy to keep going when others quit.

Hopeless leaders poke holes in the ship.

6 real world ways to build hope:

#1. Reflect on bitter reality.

Delusion is a lie that insults hope.

Rose colored glasses are for nincompoops. Everyone suffers when leaders reject reality.

When reality slaps you, hope whispers, “What do you want to do next?”

#2. Listen.

There’s more hope for inexperienced leaders who seek advice than old leaders who stop listening.

Opened ears validate hope.

#3. Combine kindness, courage, and curiosity.

Unkind curiosity closes hearts. Courage without kindness brings needless offense. Curiosity without courage languishes.

Successful leaders mix admirable qualities into hope-filled interactions.

#4. Begin the day with clear intentions.

Wandering is hope in a blindfold.

Obscure goals squander time and talent. Unfocused leaders end up pushed around by circumstances. When you don’t guide the rudder, someone else will.

#5. Adapt.

Give up on one thing, not everything.

Your inner voice might be right when it whispers, “It’s not worth it.” But that’s no time to quit. That’s time to adapt.

#6. Believe success is about people.

Hope fades until it joins hands with others.

Pressure for results seduces short-sighted leaders to neglect relationships. It’s a long road back after you’ve been a jerk-hole a few times.

Smart leaders build hope because hope inspires potential.

What causes leaders to lose hope?

How might leaders build hope?

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