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16 Practical Ways to be an Inspirational Leader

An inspirational leader doesn’t simply make things happen. They release others to make things happen.

Frustrated leaders don’t know how to inspire.

Inspirational leaders listen:

Self-absorbed leaders suck the life out of organizations. Inspirational leaders are fascinated with others.

Be others-absorbed if you want to be an inspirational leader.

We talk when we experience the slightest veneer or insight. Perceived knowledge loosens tongues. Fools believe they understand when they don’t and blab when listening is called for.

If you love talking, help others talk. Ask questions.

Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658) wrote, “Well said is soon said. He didn’t mean talk first. He meant stop talking quickly. Baltasar also wrote, “Good things when short are twice as good.”

Insight is displayed in brevity. The more you talk, the less you inspire.

16 ways to be an inspirational leader:

  1. Seek guidance before certainty.
  2. Maintain openness and interest after you make up your mind. Weak minds close; strong open.
  3. Avoid that “can’t wait till you stop talking” look.
  4. Speak well of others.
  5. Give voice to your heart.
  6. Tell stories about your teachers. Don’t tell me what you know. Tell me what you’ve been taught.  
  7. Change your mind after reflection. Wishy-washy is exhausting. Maintain focus.
  8. Evaluate your self-reflections. Self-deception is seen slowly.
  9. Receive correction gratefully.
  10. Remain cool when things get hot. Understanding inspires with calmness during turbulence.
  11. Practice realistic optimism. Real optimists don’t believe hard is easy. Inspirational leaders believe in our ability to rise up.
  12. Give people time to say things they really believe. The first things people say usually aren’t the most important.
  13. Stand firm with grace rather than anger. Weakness bullies.
  14. Never take advantage of those without power. Inspirational leaders are trustworthy because they seek the best interest of others.
  15. Read. Ask an inspirational leader what they’re reading and their eyes light up.
  16. Appreciate the wonder, privilege, and mystery of leadership.

What type of leader inspires you?

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