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Well-Being is a Team Sport™: How to Lead a Winning Team

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You got promoted. You got your MBA.

No one ever said your leadership would impact the health and well-being of your team; your workforce.

It does.

On average, a doctor spends 17-24 minutes with a patient. Your employees spend 2,000 hours in the workplace each year. Who do you think has more influence on your team’s well-being? Their doctor or you?

Five easy steps to lead a winning team:

#1. Be a well-being role model.

Visibly demonstrate well-being is part of your day. If your employees can’t see your healthy habits, be sure to weave them into the conversation so they know that your well-being is a priority. What the boss says and does gets noticed.

#2. Make well-being a team priority.

There are very few strategies that fundamentally improve everything for your team and one of them is to be healthy and well. You can make well-being a team priority by:

#3. Lead with gratitude.

We can’t tell our team members enough that we appreciate their contribution. Find what’s going right and say, ‘thank you.’

#4. Practice self-care. 

When you are not well, you will not be the best boss. Most workers experience tension and stress during the workday. When the stress is coming from the boss, everyone feels it. Make time to take a breath, take a walk, and check in with yourself. 

#5. Smile.

Smiling at work can enhance your mood and help others feel happy. And research shows happiness increases productivity.

How might leaders support the well-being of team members?

Learn more about how to lead with well-being by listening to Ten Minute Well-Being Tips for Managers.

Dr. Richard Safeer is the Chief Medical Director of Employee Health and Well-Being at Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the author of A Cure for the Common Company: A Well-Being Prescription for a Happier, Healthier and More Resilient Workforce.

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