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5 Ways to Exploit the Circle of Life

The playfulness of life is seen in a boy feeding hay to cows.

The circle of life was petulant on the farm. Every spring the fields turned green. In summer we made hay. I fed the young cattle hay in winter. All winter the young cattle made manure that I wheelbarrowed out. I spread the manure to make the fields green in spring.

Manure is central in the circle of life.

5 ways to exploit the circle of life:

#1. Embrace inevitability.

Where there’s life there’s manure.

You spend your time feeding people. What do they do? Make manure. Only a fool fights the inevitable. If it doesn’t stink now, it will.

#2. Recognize the power.

You are molded by the stinky parts of life. Sometimes you get small and brittle. Other times you’re softened.

Notice who you are becoming. Do you like the person who emerges from wrestling with crappy situations?

#3. Let yourself be humble.

The luster is gone from the circle of life when your boots are covered with cow manure. Practice humility.

It’s folly to fight arrogance. Humility is something only you can do to yourself. Be curious. Stay positive. Keep moving forward. Don’t linger in a pile of stink.

#4. Reflect on your value.

You bring value when you harness the stinky parts. Some complain. (You may do a little of that.) Some give up, but you keep going.

You face issues and challenges others ignore. Keep seeking solutions.

#5. Practice being present.

Tomorrow’s stink will show up whether you worry about it or not. Solve today’s challenges. Celebrate wins. Learn from failure.

Strengthen yourself today.

Your future depends on what you do with the stinky parts of life.

How do you profit from the stinky parts of life?

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