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4 Ways to Do Less and Get More Done Today

You get more done when you do less, and you get less done when you do more.

Constant busyness produces shallow people. Most of us do too much of what matters less. I think it’s a compulsion because busyness is a status symbol.

Busy is the proper response to, “How are you doing?” You’re a loser if you eat dinner at home, coach Little League, take weekends off, and don’t send emails at 1:15 a.m.

70% of Americans said they “never had enough time,” in 2011. It rose to 80% in 2018. (HBR)

If you don’t have a crazy schedule something’s wrong with you.

4 ways to do less and get more done:

#1. Become a one string banjo.

Life is a disaster when everything is urgent. It makes you feel important, but the opposite is true.

Important people do important things. I’m not talking about being too good to pick up trash in the parking lot. I’m talking about choosing one or two places to invest your time, energy, and talent in order to make meaningful contribution.

Get more done by choosing one important thing to do today.

#2. Make your own decisions.

A person who lets others run their life does what matters to others.

Don’t live to only serve yourself, but don’t let others run your life either.

Realize you chose to work where you work. If the downside of your job is heavier than the upside seek a new job.

#3. Go to bed.

What fool believes tired people get more done? You get more done by getting enough rest. Too much rest is exhausting. Too little rest is debilitating.

#4. Put white space on your calendar.

Back-to-back meetings indicate poor management. Get more done by realizing schedule management is self-management.

How can you do less to get more done today?

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