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Peter Drucker on Opportunities

“It is more productive to convert an opportunity into results than to solve a problem – which only restores the equilibrium of yesterday.” Peter Drucker

Opportunities live in your imagination. Problems feel present even though they occurred in the past.

Negatives exert stronger pull than positives.

3 ways to get a grip on opportunities:

#1. Personal development.

Problems produce personal growth when you learn, try new things, and seek counsel from people smarter than you are.

#2. Planning opportunities.

Notice recurring stresses and problems. How can you plan for the next occurrence of the same negative situation?

#3. Partnership opportunities.

Reflect on who you aspire to become. Forget your problems for a moment. Who might you invite into your life that makes your aspirations more likely? The people you invite into your life reflect your future self.


Beware becoming a problem-solving machine. Some problems require immediate resolution. Solving problems enhances your reputation.

Seizing opportunities makes you a leader.

How might you focus a little more on opportunities today?

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