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Creating connections

Life-opportunities are directly proportional to the number and quality of personal connections you create. Some suggest it’s not the quantity of connections but the quality. I suggest both quantity and quality are relevant.

I’ve been intentionally leveraging Internet technology to extend influence and create connections for 5.5 months. You can see I’m new at this. Here are a few observations from a social networking newbie.

Twitter is the #1 gateway for creating new connections. Twitter’s strength is the low relational-commitment it requires. Limiting tweets to 140 characters or less protects tweeps (people on twitter) from being overwhelmed. A low-commitment entry point frees participants to reach out and explore. Sometimes an exploration ignites interest and creates a connection.

Even though twitter has a low-commitment entry point, creating connections takes time. Translation, twitter isn’t a magic pill that creates connections without energy and focus. However, the first steps are easy. After first steps, tweets lead to direct messages, emails, and phone conversations.

Facebook is more personal and facilitates deeper conversations. Every day I’m conversing with individuals looking for resources, suggestions, support, or advice.

LinkedIn, the business connection platform, hasn’t been fruitful to this point. Perhaps I haven’t spent enough time using it?

Blogging facilitates a broad range of relationship. For example, many enjoy a low commitment reader-writer relationship. However, others savor dynamic interactions created by commenting. Public comments are resulting  in private emails, phone conversations, and face-to-face meetings.

Surprisingly, I believe Twitter is the high opportunity platform for creating new connections. It’s an entry point. I’m saying this because my mission is helping leaders reach higher. It’s my opinion that entering the twitterverse is essential for everyone desiring to extend their reach by creating new connections.

What Internet technologies are you using to create new connections? Do you have a success story?

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