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The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

Thank you to Doc Campbell for all he does for the Leadership Freak community. To the best of my knowledge, he left his first comment on this young blog in March of 2010. He’s been adding value to others through his comments and generous support and encouragement ever since. Today, he’s adding value with a guest article and a series of three lively questions. I invite you to take a moment and integrate your experiences.

The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

As noted in the 9/1/10 Leadership Freak questions, people can benefit from failures or negative experiences. Certainly we seem to more vividly remember the negative events and they are rich opportunities for development and growth. How do we integrate positive and negative experiences to benefit future efforts?

Behavior-Based Questions

When interviewing prospective employees, there are a number of behavior-based questions. One sequence that we have used is:  “Tell us something you are very proud of or a success you have had” (This is left open-ended to see if the interviewee identifies a personal or professional event. If personal comes up, the question may be repeated with professional experience.)

The follow up question is, “what did you learn from that experience?” This may identify what has been internalized, how the person may have perceived locus of control, etc.

The 3rd piece of the series is, “what are you doing now as a result of that experience?”

After a few other questions, the reverse of the earlier question is asked, “Tell us about a time where your interaction did not go well, that was a disappointment or negative.” Same two follow up questions need to be asked.  They seem to often show blaming versus learning, owning a mistake or failure. Reframing or ensuring there is a professional experience detailed is important.

“Interview” Questions for the LF Community:

As a leader, what is your most positive outcome/experience that you are proud of?

What did you learn from it?

And what are you doing now as a result?

As a leader, what was your most negative experience that impacted you?

What did you learn from it?

And what are you doing now as a result?

As a leader, what is your funniest experience?

Any learnings?

Doing anything as a result?

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