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Spotting Blind Spots

You don’t see you like others see you.

Blind spots are things that others easily see in us but we don’t or won’t see in ourselves.

If statements like, “You’re just like your mother?” surprise and irritate you, you have blind spots.

I think everyone has them.  People tell me one of my blind spots is an ability to bowl people over without trying.  But, I don’t see it.

Spotting Blind Spots

One source of blind spots comes from over estimating your positive traits and under estimating your “less” positive traits.

Additionally, confident people may tend to project legitimate confidence into illegitimate “omni-confidence.”   This happens in our house when I think I know how to cook!

And here’s a third potential source of blind spots, taking greater responsibility for successes than for failures.

Finally, you have blind spots because others see your behaviors but not your heart. You feel one thing but your behaviors are interpreted another way.

Whatever the cause, we all have
blind spots that obstruct our highest success.

There’s the rub. Your blind spots are a disconnect between the real you and the perceived you. They frustrate you, irritate others, and hinder your effectiveness and success.

Getting the most from blind spots

You can open your eyes to blind spots by accepting what others say about you. Here’s an awkward idea, there’s a glimmer of truth in the way others describe you. Ouch! Let others see what you can’t. It’s awkward because you don’t see it.

You can intentionally shine a light on blind spots by asking trusted friends and advisors, “What’s hindering my success?” If you do ask, don’t make excuses. Just listen.

What other ways can we shine a light on our blind spots?

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