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Five strategies for finding freedom

Building Bondage

The strategies you adopt to get ahead may drain your vitality and shrivel your soul. Inadvertently, you’re forging the chains to personal bondage.

Five Strategies for Finding Freedom

Seek first to give. I’ve been reading “All Hands on Deck,” by Joe Tye. Joe recounts a component of Ray Kroc’s business philosophy. Ray established the MacDonald’s franchise. Ray believed in letting others win before he won. Uncover what winning means to your vendors, colleagues, and employees and help them get it.

Don’t embrace martyrdom. You don’t have to lose in order for others to win.

Try asking, “What can I do for you?” I’m dead serious. Write down the names of five people and ask them today. They may say something silly like, “Give me a million dollars.” Just laugh, close the office door behind you, and say, “Seriously, can I do something for you today?”

Use your power to lift rather than climb. Have you seen the climbers, always looking over their shoulder, consumed with getting ahead? Fear based living seldom takes you where you want to go.

Enjoy the success of others. “They got something I didn’t!” reflects a self-destructive orientation toward life. Score-keepers might get ahead but they seldom win. The power to enjoy another’s success finds roots in your own personal confidence.

Rather than building bondage, try finding your freedom.


What activities or behaviors enhance your vitality and build your freedom?

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