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Joe Tye: Finding his contribution Pt. 2

Joe Tye describes his past self as “substantially inauthentic and superficial.” (See Pt. 1) I think people who’ve found their soul can admit their superficiality.

During the years of failure and struggle Joe began connection with his values.


Your values give you answers and when Joe found his, he found his way. He said, “I like who I am today.”

Joe is learning to do what every leader I’ve interviewed says. “Be yourself.” He’s learning it and teaching it all over the world. Joe asks people a series of questions that uncover their values. One question is:

“What would you do if all jobs had the same social status and every job paid the same?”

Where to who

Finding your answers requires a shift in thinking. Joe taught me to shift from “where” to “who.”

We’re usually focused on our circumstances, the “where” of life. Joe says focus on who you are. I think it’s a shift that lifts you above feeling pushed around by life.

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The next thing Joe shared sounds more like religion than leadership. He said, “I’m learning to transcend what’s in it for me.” He calls it, “Extravagant generosity in small things.” Its things like leaving large tips after breakfast.

He practices what he preaches. If you read my review of, “All Hands on Deck,” you’ll see he generously gave 100 copies of his books. Out of respect, I’m not sharing what he did for the organization I lead.


These are the “almost successful” years for Joe Tye. He isn’t “successful” because success is a journey not a destination.

He’s striving not arriving.


How does one learn to live by their values?


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