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Getting the most from twitter

Leveraging social media extends and enhances your influence, opportunities, and leadership potential.


I hate saying, “twitter.” It sounds like something a person high on cocaine does at night in the backyard just before falling asleep. However, twitter helps people connect, educate, enrich, and enhance each other.

Thin connections:

Initially, twitter relationships are exceedingly thin. They take little effort to initiate and represent a casual handshake that may lead to nothing more.

Speaking of handshakes, there is debate on should you follow back those that follow you on twitter. Although I’m slow in keeping up, I practice follow back. If someone reaches out to shake hands with me, I’m extending my hand in return. Nothing more may come of it and I’m fine with that. Occasionally and when time allows, I clean out inactive and inappropriate followers.


Elevating a twitter connection requires intentionally reaching out to tweeps (I know, tweeps sounds ridiculous). Take high potential twitter connections to email, LinkedIn, the phone or Skype.


You’ll get the most from twitter if you focus first on giving. Giving doesn’t always mean doing things for people. Frequently it’s offering insights, experiences, or encouragement.


If you fear social media, let me suggest a rule of thumb. Live online like you live in person. For example, if a stranger asked you to tell all your friends what a great person they are, would you? That type of foolishness happens on twitter. Strangers ask me to endorse or promote them. Just use the “real life” rule and say no thanks.

Additionally, if a neighbor asked you to help them mow their yard while you are leaving for a date with your spouse, would you? Just use the “real life” rule.


What are your thoughts about social media and leadership?

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