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Don’t Crumble From Within

He told me he’s doing things differently today. Twenty-five years ago he aggressively drove people to perform. Today he holds his tongue more, instructs and corrects less, observes longer, and judges more slowly.

The less he does the more he gets done.

The sooner you step back the sooner others step in.

Today he keeps his businesses focused on relationships with customers, being honest, and adding value. He spends more time driving the big picture. Additionally, he makes more money.

The Lid:

John Maxwell’s first law of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is the Law of the Lid. The Lid is the limit of your leadership abilities.

Working harder only works for the short-term.

Furthermore, long term success is contingent on who you are. More importantly, it’s contingent on who you are becoming. Hesselbein’s statement, “Leadership is a matter of how to be not how to do,” continues ringing true.

Short-term success

You can apply leadership behaviors, techniques, and strategies to your current situation and enjoy short-term success. However, if visible behaviors don’t express invisible realities, you’ll eventually crumble from within. You may be on the short-term track if:

  1. You’re stressed about the opinions of others
  2. You’re working to please people
  3. You’re angry that others don’t appreciate you enough
  4. You’re manipulating

Long-term success

  1. Put yourself first so you can put others first.
  2. Grow others by growing yourself.
  3. Expand your influence by letting others influence you.
  4. Know less so you can know more.

My business friend is doing things differently today because he’s different. When you grow, your success grows.

Strategies and techniques matter. However, long-term success depends on personal growth and self-expression. Growing you – enables higher leadership-effectiveness.

Why don’t leaders invest in their own growth?

How can leaders grow themselves?

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