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22 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Influence

Some leaders are born; most are made. But, all leadership is influence.

Long-term, powerful influence is never an accident; it’s always intentional.  Experience and research indicate these 22 principles and behaviors dramatically increase leadership-influence.

  1. Extend honor rather than demanding respect.
  2. Dream bigger for others than they dream for themselves.
  3. Serve others – they don’t serve you.
  4. Build confidence by spotlighting successes.
  5. Provide opportunities in new contexts. A series of small wins magnifies potential.
  6. Focus on next levels more than perfecting current skills.
  7. Struggles strengthen; don’t solve stresses for others – solve stresses with others. Expanded here.
  8. Give authority.
  9. Embrace high standards.
  10. Expect accountability.
  11. Listen to and occasionally speak into fears.
  12. Lift them to the point where they lift others.
  13. Question, occasionally suggest, always encourage, sometimes confront.
  14. Align correction with their values and vision not yours.
  15. Don’t pressure them; they will pressure themselves.
  16. Let them point out their own weaknesses. When they assess their weaknesses accurately, agree. Don’t soften the sting.
  17. Humbly share your failures.
  18. Ask permission before correcting.
  19. Use language that expresses their values.
  20. Focus on practice more than theory. Solve a problem.
  21. Be honest but not adversarial.
  22. Always come back to purpose. “Why” is the central component of “what”.

What behavior has enhanced your influence?


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