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10 Surefire Ways to Find Your Greatness


Our world confuses potential with performance. Never let mediocre performance seem outstanding. You insult high performers, nurture incompetence, and sell yourself short.

You aren’t entitled to greatness, it’s earned.

What is greatness:

Greatness is serving; the more you serve the greater you are.

10 Ways to find your greatness:

  1. Embrace dissatisfaction. The path to greatness begins with discontent. Growth stops with contentment. All leaders are unhappy with something.
  2. Courageously confess frustration to yourself and others you trust.
  3. Face discontent with optimism. If you sink into despair, you’re done. Millions of reasons say you can’t. Find one reason you can and hang on. One good reason changes you.
  4. Reach for noble goals. Tomorrows dream change you today. Does your dream inspire? If not, it’s below you.
  5. *Forget balance.* Balanced people are safe, dull, and marginally effective. I have a friend who wants to teach English in China. Another couple wants to work with orphans in the same country. A third couple spends most of their spare time working with college students. They are unbalanced freaks, over-focused on serving.
  6. Serve others by helping them reach noble goals.
  7. Serve others so they can serve others. Exponential influence begins with multiplication not individual performance.
  8. Press through fear. Your greatness is on the other side of discomfort and fear. Fear keeps you average. Your greatest fear is letting go of average so you can reach higher.
  9. Surround yourself with success. Read, explore, and ask questions. I’ll never forget the day I asked a successful business man what he would do different. He said, “If I could go back, I’d take more risks.” KaPow!
  10. Just start.

Bonus: For goodness sake, say it! “I want to serve many.” Don’t hang your head. You aren’t arrogant. You’re humble.


Which of these ideas are most challenging or useful? What can you add?

What do you think holds people back from greatness?


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