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On Turtles and Rabbits – Finding Pace


Few leaders find effective pace naturally.

You’re running in circles because of two types of mistakes; both have to do with pace. You’re either too slow or too fast.

Pokey Turtle:

Scan your personal history.

Then you know what to do. Doing it is another matter.

Rash Rabbit:

Then you know what to do. Doing it is another matter.


Perhaps you’re a turtle in one context and a rabbit in another. I suspect you are. Combining too fast in one realm and too slow in another doesn’t create appropriate pace. It’s a formula for frustration.

You know:

You know when you’re a turtle or a rabbit. You know if you persistently miss opportunities because you go too slow or ruin your chances because you go too fast.

The solution:

Bring yourself to the table. You are uniquely qualified to succeed in this moment. Past triumphs, tragedies, achievements, and failures prepare you for success.

Let your experiences form you. Bring them with you on your journey. In particular, listen to reoccurring frustrations.

Include others on your journey. Find your opposites. If you’re a rash rabbit, find some turtles. I need wise turtles in my life. They trouble me but I need them. I also need racing rabbits to kick me in the pants when my turtle-self pulls back.

Bottom line:

You may think your pace is just fine. I seriously doubt it. Successful pace is found with others.


Listening to frustrations ends them. Ignoring frustrations prolongs them.


How can leaders find their effective pace?


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