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It Only Takes One Word


The word “health” adopted me for 2014. I used the “One Word” concept and just listened. Health is the word that stuck.

One Word isn’t a resolution. I haven’t made one of them in years.

One Word is a focal point that gives direction and purpose to what I do. It’s not a have-to. It’s a want-to. It’s already surprising me.

What comes in:

Physical health begins with what we put in our mouths. Leadership health begins with what we let into our hearts and minds.

Health is about what I see, hear, and think about.

Health includes the people I let in. Hang with energy givers as much as possible. When you find a friend, treasure and nurture them.


When I make decisions or engage in activities I use my word health:

  1. Is it healthy?
  2. Does this promote healthy relationships?
  3. Am I leaving people more healthy than when I found them?

Perhaps you would enjoy the One Word idea?

“One Word,” summarized: “Don’t Make a Resolution; Find a Word.”

“One Word,” applied: “The Secret to Focusing on What Matters.

The book: “One Word that will Change Your Life.”

How might One Word impact your leadership?

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