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7 Powerful People-Tasks You can do Today

Great people accomplish great things. The question is, how to develop and maximize greatness in others.

5 things you can do with people:

  1. Understand and accept them.
  2. Correct and punish them.
  3. Honor and reward them.
  4. Develop and trust them.
  5. Connect with them through shared values and vision.

Of all the things you can do with people, controlling them is the toughest.

7 powerful-people tasks you can do today:

  1. Trust someone to move forward without you.
    1. Establish clear goals.
    2. Give authority.
    3. Set deadlines.
    4. Celebrate progress.
    5. Learn and adapt as you go.
  2. Have a tough conversation. Nagging disappointment indicates procrastination. Invite them in and say, “Let’s talk.”
  3. Invite commitments. Real commitments are freely given, not coerced.
    • What are you going to do?
    • When?
    • How?
    • What can I do to help?
  4. Identify the top three strengths of a teammate. How might their strengths be maximized, specifically? Have a conversation to explore options.
  5. Identify the points of positive energy in your organization. Spend more energy fueling hot spots. Deal with negative issues, but don’t be distracted by them.
  6. Love someone out of your organization. They don’t belong. Be kind and generous, but begin to help them go, today.
  7. Develop someone’s skills.
    • What behavior holds back one of your high potentials?
    • What behaviors create a different future?
    • What are they doing well that could be even better?

Bonus: People-tasks are about behaviors. What specific behaviors take you, them, and your organization where you want to go?

Success is about people.

What people tasks are important for you today?

How have people been sources of happiness or sadness on your leadership journey?


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