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Seven Ways Smart Leaders Get Even Smarter

Brilliant leaders end up saying, “Doh!” sometimes. Talent doesn’t exempt you from doing dumb things, neither does intelligence.

The fool who “knows” is dangerous and destructive.

7 ways smart leaders get even smarter:

#1. Treat negative feedback like a romantic partner. Seek it. Welcome it. Explore it. Love it.

Kiss the people who correct you.

Negative feedback confronts and changes you; positive affirms and confirms.

Defensiveness makes you dumb.

#2. Compare up, not down. Compare yourself with smart people. Dumb people think they’re smarter than everyone else.

Don’t think of yourself as dumb, just find brilliance in others.

#3. Honor achievers. When you honor achievers, you open your mind to learn from them. Dumb leaders minimize the grit, skill, and intelligence it takes to make progress and achieve results. “Oh! That was easy.”

The need to win closes hearts to the achievement of others.

Respect for the achievement of others is a  step toward learning from them.

#4. Stop repeating dumb behaviors. Everything that feels right, isn’t. Blunt-skulls ignore the message of recurring frustration. You haven’t reached higher because you’re hoping the same ineffective behavior will magically become effective.

#5. Acknowledge frailty. Your sharp brain will fade, sooner than you think.

Arrogance makes you dumb. Humility opens your heart.

Wisdom is a matter of the heart, not the head.

#6. Listen longer than necessary.

#7. Control your temper. Outbursts are a fools solution.

Bonus: Make the pursuit of wisdom the first pursuit of life.

The ultimate pursuit of life isn’t happiness, love, or success, it’s wisdom.

What behaviors or attitudes make smart leaders even smarter?

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