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7 Profound Benefits of Navigating Storms

There will come a time when things get worse, even when you try to make them better.

Optimism is an attitude toward storms, not exemption from them. Don’t be startled when skies grow dark and waves get high.

Any form of optimism that blinds leaders to dark skies and stormy seas is perilous.

Get real:

Imperfect leaders screw up. Don’t be surprised when you:

  1. Communicate ineffectively.
  2. Misjudge situations.
  3. Unintentionally offend.
  4. Listen poorly.
  5. Hire the wrong people.
  6. Create discord.
  7. Discourage, rather than energize.

Leaders who never screw up aren’t worth following.

Optimism in the dark:

Optimism is confidence, not exemption.

Optimism believes storms yield benefits.

7 profound benefits of navigating storms:

#1. Empathy.

Everyone who owns their failures learns empathy for others. Blaming blocks growth.

Empathy enables connection, boldness, and getting up after falling short.

#2. Courage.

Sailing through one storm builds courage for the next. Quitting in the storm short-circuits your opportunity to embrace your best self.

#3. Openness.

Isolation is dangerous when skies are dark and seas are high. Temptations to close your door are triggers to open it. Unplug your ears and open your heart in the dark.

Optimistic leaders maintain an outward mindset while navigating storms.

#4. Ownership.

Own the consequences of your failures, but don’t circle the drain. Remorse for causing harm is healthy, but bags of guilt crush the spirit.

“Woe is me,” might seem noble, but it’s self-centered.

#5. Timeliness.

Address issues quickly. Lean into the wind before it becomes a hurricane.

Avoiding turbulence only delays the storm.

#6. Steadiness.

You’re less likely to panic after you’ve navigated a few calamities.

#7. Authenticity.

Storms reveal who you are.

Raise your hand when you fail. “Yes, I screwed up.” The way you deal with failure exposes what you believe about yourself and others.

How might leaders benefit from dark skies and high seas?

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