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Big Leadership

You didn’t get up this morning thinking, “I want to live a meaningless life.” You want something bigger. I’m using the term ‘big’ for meaningful.

Rise above small concerns to experience big leadership.


Big leaders:

#1. Big leaders lead with big reasons.

What’s the highest purpose you can live for today?

  1. What pain-point can you make better?
  2. Who can you lift?
  3. How can you help others bring their best selves to current opportunities?

#2. Big leaders lead with big hearts.

One of the first lessons of leadership is it’s about others. You matter more when you get outside yourself and lead with a big heart.

Spend your think-time focused on others, not yourself. Worry more about treating others right than worrying if they are treating you right.

  1. Speak with empathy, candor, and confidence.
  2. Practice intense curiosity about people. It’s natural to wonder about results. It’s leaderly to wonder about people.

#3. Big leaders use words that advantage others.

The words you use establish the direction of your team.

Words instill confidence or beat down. Jay Elliot, former Sr. V.P. at Apple and author of, The Steve Jobs Way: ileadership for a new Generation told me that good people tend to beat themselves down. “My job is to build them up.”

  1. How are people better off as the result of your words?
  2. What words fuel fires, rather than dousing dreams?

#4. Big leaders help others live for big reasons.

You sometimes hear small concerns during conversations. How might you point people toward bigger opportunities?

  1. Notice strength in others.
  2. Tell stories of people who made a difference. How might we emulate them?
  3. Confront smallness with empathy. “How is this drama helping you get where you want to go?” (It helps to have a good relationship with the person you confront this way.)

What do small leaders do?

How might you practice ‘big’ leadership today?

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