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80% Fail – Just Quit Now and Begin Again

New Year’s resolutions are the triumph of optimism over experience. Why not quit now and begin again realistically?

When New Year’s comes around, gyms fill up. Regulars are frustrated. But don’t worry. In a few weeks 80% of the crowd will give up on their commitment. (US News)

A series of small successes is better than one big failure.

4 ways to make realistic resolutions:

#1. Forget about fuzzy resolutions like getting in shape.

Choose a specific goal like taking a 15-minute-walk five times this week.

#2. Choose short timelines, not year-long goals.

Don’t commit to do something for a year if you haven’t already done it for a month.

Make a week long resolution. Commit to evaluate and recommit at the end of the week.

#3. Find a ‘with’.

The most important factor of success is finding someone to go on the journey with you.

We change and grow in community, not isolation.

#4. Plan to start again, even before you fail the first time.

Jettison perfectionism. You’re going to fail.

You double the negative impact of failure by beating yourself up when you fail.

How might leaders make smarter resolutions?

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