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The Single Predictor of Long-Term Success

There’s hope for you if you aren’t the smartest person at the table.

Average people succeed as long as they keep going when the path is steep.

Talent, intelligence, good fortune, and opportunity are less important to success than the ability to press through challenges.


The Single Predictor of Long-Term Success:

Angela Duckworth writes that grit predicts success, even when controlling for talent or IQ.

Grit predicts long-term success in nearly every realm of life.

291 trips to the moon and back:

It’s hard to persevere when you’re surrounded by quitters.

Astronaut Christina Koch returned to earth on February 6, 2020. She had been in space 328 days – the longest space flight of a woman in history.

Koch completed 5,248 orbits of the Earth and a journey of 139 million miles, roughly the equivalent of 291 trips to the Moon and back.

Norah O’Donnell asked, “The grit and the stamina that you possess … where does that grit come from?”

Koch replied, “I actually credit one person, and that’s my grandmother. My grandmother is an incredibly hard worker … They were farmers. And so I always like to think that I’m hopefully making her proud.”

Endurance includes the story of your relationships.


Tom Rath – at 16 – was told he would likely die of cancer at a young age. He’s battled cancer for 25 years. Along the way he’s written the #1 nonfiction book on Amazon, Strengthsfinder 2.0.

Tom said, “… most of it (grit) was a product of the relationships I had…”

If you want endurance, “… continue to invest in your very closest relationships….”

Tom Rath in his own words (3:39):

How might you invest in relationships today?

Who needs your support today?

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