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3 Pursuits that Set You Free

Need reveals lack. The more you need something, the less you have it. A hungry belly lacks food. Leaders who need status lack self-confidence.

3 dangers of pursuit:

#1. Persecution:

Need persecutes.  The drive to satisfy a need harasses people. When you need to impress bosses, you create self-imposed oppressors.

#2. Ownership:

When you need something bad enough it owns you. Addicts need a fix. Politicians need reelection. Control freaks live in fear because the world cannot be subdued.

#3. Amplification.

Choose your pursuits carefully. The more you pursue something, the more you feel the lack of it.

The drive to satisfy lack amplifies lack. The pursuit of excitement accentuates boredom. The more you pursue money, the more you need to pursue money.

3 pursuits that set you free:

Pursuits that are first inward-facing and then outward-facing set you free.

#1. Service.

The hunger to serve is freeing if it isn’t polluted too deeply by a need for appreciation. (Something I have not escaped.)

Use your talent to serve the highest good of others. This is challenging for three reasons. First, what is your talent? Second, what is the highest good? Third, the highest good might be painful. Confronting an employee’s blind spot, for example.

#2. Right things.

Pursue doing the right thing, even though the path might be foggy. Just tell yourself, “I’m going to do the right thing.”

Soften resolve to do the right thing with kindness. It is always right to be kind, even when you hurt to help.

#3. Relationships.

Pursue relationship by enjoying people.

  1. Speak truth with kindness.
  2. Smile more than frown.
  3. Pour in more than you take out every time you show up.
  4. Drive toward improvement, but don’t insist on having your own way.
  5. Give honor every time you receive it.
  6. Practice optimism in the face of difficulty.
  7. Consider responsible failure a learning opportunity.

What pursuits set you free?

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