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7 Simple Things That Strengthen Clarity During Complexity

When complexities fill your mind, worry weakens your knees. Complexity drives out clarity. Shadows become reality.

Dread dilutes ability.

Anxiety displaces confidence.

Feeling overwhelmed is inevitable when complexity banishes simplicity.

Any fool can make easy things difficult.

7 simple things that strengthen clarity during complexity:

#1. Start the day slowly.

Take 10 or 15 minutes to smell the coffee, breathe, pray, read, or journal.

Choose how to show up. Close your eyes and imagine your best self in meetings and conversations.

Listen to rock n roll music. Starting slowly might be loud for some, but don’t let loud be distraction.

#2. Turn outward with empathy.

Problems invite you to become the center of the universe. Choose to forget yourself. Shine the light on others instead of hoping others will focus on you.

#3. Stop fixing everything.

The need to fix everything creates stress and multiplies complexity.

You don’t need all the answers to practice curiosity during complexity.

Let yourself be interested in another person’s challenges instead of being overwhelmed with fixing everything.

#4. Notice trajectory.

Ask yourself, “Where is this conversation going?” Notice if you’re moving forward, backward, or in circles.

When conversation moves in the wrong direction, change your words.

What intention is behind your conversation? Remind yourself to care.

What’s one simple thing – you can do – that moves people toward engagement and ownership?

#5. Monitor energy.

How might you be a person who energizes people?

Do hard stuff when you’re most energized.

#6. Finish something.

#7. Remember the good.

Tell people you’re glad they’re on the team.

Bad is stronger than good. Faults and frailties cause you to forget talent and strengths.


Confusion is a signal to focus on things within your control.

Allow complexity to drive you toward simplicity. But be warned. Simplicity takes more work than complexity.

What simple things might strengthen clarity during complexity?

What’s the simplest next step?

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