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Simple Practices That Will Change Your Life

If you had room to grow and didn’t, you’re a failure – regardless of your achievements.

David Shapiro said, “The purpose of life is to grow and give.” Only perfect people don’t need to grow.

We get closer to our potential when we grow, but we’re always less than we could be.

Learning is growing.

Four simple practices that will change your life:

#1. Say, “That didn’t work.”

You can’t learn if you can’t admit failure. This is one reason corporate culture becomes dumber and dumber. The need to be right is a fool’s path to oblivion.

Practice: Once a week say, “I’m trying to make this better, but it’s not working like I’d hoped. What suggestions do you have?”

#2. Try things.

What are you trying? I’m not talking about doing the same thing over and over. That kind of trying is dead-end. What are you trying that you haven’t tried before? How might you do old things in new ways?

Practice: Once a week intentionally try something new.

#3. Build relationships.

The greatest instrument of change, beyond personal commitment, is people. You become like the people around you. “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Anonymous

Every person I coach changes me.

Practice: Spend unstructured time with people on your team. Have coffee or lunch. Don’t talk about work.

#4. Meet new people.

Over the years I’ve had scores of one-time conversations with new people. Only a handful were disappointing.

Meeting new people is inconvenient when you’re busy doing important work. Remind yourself that meeting new people changes you.

When YOU change, life changes.

Practice: Six times a year reach out to someone you would like to meet. (A video conference with a new person may change you.)

Tip: Put these simple practices on your calendar.

What practice might change you this year?

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