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7 Powers of Life Purpose

Living without purpose is easy; just run around doing stuff as fast as you can.

Life purpose is living in service to something bigger than yourself. It’s not self-neglect because purpose provides a gallant reason for self-care.

The simplest expression of purpose is grow and give.

7 powers of life purpose:

#1. Increases discomfort.

“I awake in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.” E.B. White

Meaningful living isn’t always fun. Service is challenging.

Purposeful living is turmoil in a world filled with distraction. What opportunity will you seize and which will you reject?

#2. Lowers anxiety.

Serving something bigger than yourself is living with love. When fear and love collide, love wins.

Anxiety about meaning is solved when you show up to serve now. Just for today, forget about the big purpose of your life and show up to serve the best interests of everyone you meet.

#3. Informs being present.

You need a reason to be here.

It’s easier to be present when you show up to serve something bigger than yourself. If you struggle with being present, refocus on the reason you showed up.

#4. Affirms self-awareness.

Clarify purpose by knowing your weaknesses, strengths, talents, and values.

#5. Gives feet and hands to humility.

Humility is never fully attained and arrogance is never fully defeated. Life purpose helps because it challenges self-centered inclinations.

#6. Energizes the pursuit of excellence.

A purposeless person has no reason for aspiration.

Purpose is the reason to develop talent, hone skills, or reach for excellence.

#7. Simplifies decision-making.

Decisions are easier when you aim at something. The hole makes cornhole fun. Goals aren’t always simple or easy, but they provide guidance to decision-making.

What does living with life purpose do for people?

How might we find and clarify life purpose?

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