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7 Simple Steps that Accelerate Growth

Leaders who aren’t growing are failing.

You were born with potential, but reaching potential is up to you.

Constant improvement is first about you.

Growth is the path to maximum contribution.

7 simple steps that accelerate growth:

Step #1. Create a list:

Reflect on the role you aspire to achieve or challenges you currently face. Create a list of 10 relevant leadership qualities or behaviors. You might include:

  1. Vitality.
  2. Bringing out the best in people.
  3. Candor with kindness.
  4. Connecting with people.
  5. Humility.
  6. Grit.
  7. Patience.
  8. Optimism.
  9. Stepping toward the future.
  10. Listening with openness.

Step #2. Make 10 lines on a piece of paper.

Write one of the leadership qualities or behaviors on your list under each line.

Step #3. Make your mark:

Assess your current level of competence in each quality or behavior. The left end of the line represents couldn’t be any worse. The right end of the line represents couldn’t be any better. Here’s an example.

Step #4. Make your choice.

Circle the line you want to focus on today. Only one line.

Step #5. Answer four questions:

With the leadership quality or behavior you circled in mind, answer the following four questions.

  1. Why is this quality or behavior relevant now?
  2. What three positive expressions of this quality or behavior do I regularly practice?
  3. What are you doing that doesn’t align with this quality or behavior?
  4. What could you do today to move your mark toward the ‘couldn’t be any better’ end of the line? (Create three simple options.)

Step #6. Choose ONE item to focus on today:

Choose ONE behavior that represents growth. Change is usually slow.

Step #7. Reflect at the end of the day:

What are you glad you did? Don’t beat yourself down because you could have done better. Start again tomorrow by choosing one key behavior to focus on.

How might you adapt or improve the above exercise?

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