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The Best Leaders Know 3 Things Average Leaders Don’t

The best leaders climb beyond natural ability. Image of a person raising their hands on top of a rock.

The best leaders aren’t made with cookie-cutters.

The best leaders know 3 things average leaders don’t:

#1. Wiring is only part of the equation.

Personality assessments are excuses for lousy leaders to justify poor performance.

The list of personality assessments includes:

Assessments like Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Eysenck Personality Inventory, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Hogan Personality Assessment, Californian Psychological Inventory, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, CliftonStrengths Assessment, and many more.

Personality assessments are fun because we are fascinated with ourselves.

The best leaders live beyond their wiring. Introverts learn to practice extrovertish skills. Thinkers learn how to get things done and Doers learn to develop relationships.

The best leaders don’t say, “That’s how I’m wired,” when they screw up.

Anyone who rises to meet challenges knows natural ability is essential but not all.

The best leaders climb beyond natural ability.

#2. People don’t like you until you like them.

People don’t care if you’re successful. A few want you to fail.

Most people look at leaders with skepticism. They wonder about your motivation. Are you in leadership just for yourself or will you lookout for the interests of others as well? This is a question of heart. Is your heart big enough to make room for others?

We are fascinated with ourselves. The best leaders are fascinated with people.

A leader who doesn’t care about being liked is a tyrant or a fool.

#3. Trust is given, not earned.

The best leaders know trust is a gift.

Micromanagers use fear to get things done. Leaders use trust.

The ability to trust is about you long before it’s about others.

Humility extends trust; ego withholds it.

Productivity begins when you extend trust to competent people.

What might you add to that above list?

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