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4 Ways to Earn Advancement Without Causing Jealousy

You outshine others when you earn advancement. You don’t intend to cause jealousy, but low emotional intelligence invites unintended controversy.

Strong relationships accelerate advancement.

You need people pulling for you. It’s hard to lead colleagues who feel slapped down while you get called up. Better to have people pulling for you than fighting against you.

4 ways to earn advancement without causing jealousy:

#1. Brag:

Brag about others every chance you get. Brag about your team, your colleagues, the boss. Heck, brag about the dog next door.

Diffuse jealousy by bragging about others.

Big hearted people brag about others.

#2. Inform:

Hints of secrecy cause suspicion. You aren’t trying to be sly, but others judge you on the stories they tell themselves. You’re just doing your job. But when you advance above peers people find reasons to find fault.

Keep your boss in the loop. Jealous colleagues might find ways to complain that you’re overstepping or violating procedures. People who feel threatened protect themselves. One strategy is to undermine the ‘enemy’.

When giving information to the boss:

  1. Be brief. Give an overview. Explain goals.
  2. Be open. Frequently say, “I’m open to suggestions.”
  3. Be transparent. End brief updates with, “Let me know if you need more information.”
  4. Be positive. Never badmouth. Open your mouth to build up; other than that, zip it.

#3. Learn:

Share what you’re learning. Say things like…

  1. I just read.
  2. I just found this great video. I learned…
  3. I just talked with a friend. I learned…
  4. I just screwed up. I learned…

Be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all.

Tip: Seek advice. Avoid all appearances of instructing colleagues.

#4. Compete:

Compete with yourself, not colleagues.

How might people earn advancement without causing jealousy?

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