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Quiet Quitting – 5 Questions that Confront Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is a disaster. I’m not thinking about organizations. It’s a disaster for everyone. Doing the minimum at work is circling a black hole.

Quiet quitting is disengagement. Disengagement is boring. Imagine waiting for the day to end – day after day after day.

Engagement is necessary to flourish according to Martin Seligman. Engagement is getting lost in enjoyable challenges that mean something to you. (Read Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book, “Flow,” to get a grip on engagement.)

5 questions that confront quiet quitting:

Quiet quitting is a leadership opportunity.

#1. How can you define ‘bigger’?

Feeling part of something bigger than yourself is part of belonging. Being part of a high functioning team enhances meaning at work.

#2. How are you letting people know their contribution matters?

If someone’s work doesn’t matter, why are you paying for it? Everyone’s contribution matters. If it doesn’t, eliminate their job.

#3. How can you encourage people to support each other?

Soldiers don’t simply fight to win battles; they fight for each other. Feeling supported feels like belonging.

Don’t shoot your wounded.

#4. How can you be loyal to team members?

Expendable people feel devalued. Why should people give their best when all that matters is the bottom line?

If you want people to be loyal to you, be loyal to them.

#5. How can you teach people that hard is meaningful and easy is boring?

Olympic medals are meaningful because people sweat to earn them. Sweat gives value. Trophies for showing up insult our potential. Only children brag about trophies for showing up.

Meaning energizes hard work. Belonging feels like meaning.

If you want people to engage, ask, “How can I create opportunities for people to feel like they belong?”

What is true when you feel like you belong?

How can leaders make a sense of belonging more likely?

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