I’m Dan Rockwell and I’m freakishly interested in leadership. I’m working to bring my best self in service to others.

I live in central Pennsylvania, USA.

Inc Magazine Top Fifty Leadership and Management Expert and Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers.

American Management Association Top 30 Leader in Business of 2014.

According to the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness, the Leadership Freak blog is the most socially shared leadership blog on the Internet.

I had my first leadership position in the non-profit world at the age of nineteen. Since then, I earned an MBA and undergraduate degrees in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, and Construction and Design.

dan at nafcuI’ve also owned two businesses and served fifteen years as a Workforce Development Consultant for a Penn State University Special Affiliate. In that capacity, I designed courses, hired and mentored instructors, and delivered hundreds of presentations for local, regional, and global organizations.

Currently, I coach leaders, consult with organizations, and deliver corporate and community presentations.

Partial client list

Video clips from my keynote: “Finding Fire”

The blog:

Leadership Freak blog began in January of 2010. I started writing because I felt a deep need to make a difference in the world. Although I started leading at a young age, the last fifteen years of studying leadership changed my life.

The Global Leadership Freak community

The Global Leadership Freak community

In addition to writing the Leadership Freak blog, I’m a co-author of, “The Character Based Leader.” You’ll also find my articles in the material of The American Marketing Association, The American Management Association, The Society for Human Resource Management, The Deloitte Leadership Academy, Huffington Post, and many others.

Today, Leadership Freak is read in virtually every country on the globe. There are over a 450,000 subscribers to Leadership Freak’s social media channels.

On presenting:

I gave my first presentation at the age of sixteen. I’ve been delivering presentations and workshops ever since. The popularity of the Leadership Freak blog is providing exciting opportunities for me to deliver dynamic keynotes and workshops. For more information, please contact me.

On writing:

I rise early and write hard, fast, and focused. The post you see today was likely written this morning. I choose to fix mistakes rather than spend too much time preventing them. With that in mind, I’m thankful, not offended, if you mention an error in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.

On social media:

All the tweets, blogs, and Facebook posts are mine.

I use Tweetdeck and Meet Edgar to schedule tweets about once an hour. Typically, one tweet will be a quote. The next will be a link to something I’ve written. I do my best to respond to direct messages on twitter, but don’t always succeed. If I don’t know you, and you ask me to retweet something, I probably won’t.

Comment policy:

This is my blog and not a public space.  Critical discussion is fine.   I will, however, decline to approve (or delete your comment) if you descend into personal attacks, inappropriate language, disrespectful behavior, or excessive self-promotion and link-baiting.

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