How to Navigate Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Uncertainty finds comfort in nostalgia. Those who run from ambiguity and uncertainty are bound to repeat the past. Uncertainty and humility: The higher you go in organizational life, the lower your tolerance for… Continue reading

The First Enemy of Purpose

Meaningful purpose energizes the purposeless status quo into resistance and opposition. It might be passive resistance. It might be active opposition. But the goals are the same. The goals of resistance and opposition… Continue reading

The True Power of Purpose

Purpose makes you work when others rest and keep trying when success only glimmers in the distance. A leader with purpose can’t be stopped.   Foolish: When you find purpose, you’re like a… Continue reading

The Truth about Finding Purpose

Think of someone who found purpose. Were they self-centered or other-centered?  Get out of yourself if you want to find purpose. The most surprising truth about finding purpose is it’s about others. Those… Continue reading

10 Powerful Practices That Lower Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is futile in growing organizations. Change will happen eventually. If change doesn’t happen, organizations die. Change indicates life. Death is the absence of change. 10 sources of resistance to change:… Continue reading

The Complete List for Getting Buy-In From Senior Leadership

Senior leaders have authority to authorize action and provide resources. You’ll go further with buy-in from higher-ups. The complete list for getting buy-in from senior leadership: #1. Rash requests don’t impress. Don’t rush… Continue reading