7 Lessons from the Naïve Leader

One day a naïve leader decided to explore the desert. He was smart enough to know he needed water and clothing for protection from the sun. But he didn’t understand all the dangers… Continue reading

4 Ways to Set Team Norms

How do you enforce team norms lightly when you have a disruptive member? Dear Dan, When you have a disruptive team member with emotional outbursts that is limiting the team’s effectiveness, enforcing lightly… Continue reading

4 Hard Things Leaders Do

The hard things leaders do make them glorious. A bird in flight is glorious. There’s glory in just being human. Stars at night sing glory. Effortless glory is wonderful. But there’s another kind… Continue reading

Team EQ: What It Is – Why It Matters – How to Increase It

New book giveaway! 20 copies available!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Joshua Rosenthal to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Deadline for eligibility… Continue reading

Conflict: 5 Responses to Any Issue

Where people interact, conflict occurs. “Researchers found that on average, parents have 2,184 arguments with their kids every year. Each day, in fact, they spend about 49 minutes fighting.” Yahoo Average employees spend… Continue reading

The 3 Opportunities of Conflict

“Nothing moves forward in a story except through conflict.” Robert McKee The 3 opportunities of conflict: Interpersonal collisions. Opportunities with people. Inner wrestling. Opportunities to grow. Spiritual uncertainty. Opportunities to clarify values and… Continue reading