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The Toe Dippers Dilemma: 7 Ways to Take the Plunge

Dabblers repeat the past and call it progress.

Toe dippers feel smug when others fail.

7 ways to take the plunge:

Don’t Make Stupid Commitments

Before you commit, make a list of reasons why you can’t do it. After you commit, make a list of reasons why you can do it. You make stupid commitments when you’re optimistic.… Continue reading

How to Manage Your Schedule When Your Hair is on Fire

Overcommitment is sprinting into oblivion with your hair on fire. Self-management is less about getting stuff done and more about your relationship with time. Effect of overcommitment: You can’t enjoy leading with a… Continue reading

6 Relationships that Cause you to Overcommit

I woke up late this morning. It caused me to reflect on the reason I get up in the first place. Commitments came to mind. Every commitment is a limitation. Sleeping late and… Continue reading

7 Universal Principles that Explain the Persistent Problems of Leadership

7 universal principles: #1. If you’re persistently exhausted, you’re doing too many things. Reflections for exhausted leaders: What needs to be true for you to rest? What time will you stop working today?… Continue reading

Rethink Your New Year’s Resolution Before it’s too Late

You respect yourself less when you break commitments you make to yourself. New Year’s resolutions seduce us into decisions that undermine self-respect. Don’t like doesn’t work: You don’t like your weight. You hate… Continue reading