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The 13 Principles of Disagreement

Agreement hinders effective decision-making. The bobble-heads that surround leaders may soothe the leader’s ego, but they harm organizations. They protect their salaries. Agreement before dissent is a pathetic waste of talent. “The first rule in… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Winning in No-Win Situations

Bill (Not his real name) manages several franchise locations. He finds himself in a no-win situation. Budget and personnel cuts by the mother organization make it impossible for him to fulfill his responsibilities… Continue reading

Lessons from Abraham and Joseph

I asked Facebook followers for a title for today’s post. “How leaders of today can learn from leaders in the Bible,” received the most thumbs up. Abraham: Abraham stepped out when he wasn’t… Continue reading

How to Succeed with People in Authority

Don’t expect advancement while resisting or opposing people in authority. Success within organizations is determined by people with authority. They authorize raises, promotions, and determine who participates in high value projects. 12 ways… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Dangling Carrots

Mary, (Fictitious name), was offered the opportunity to earn a seat at the corporate table. A current team member plans to step down in two or three years. She assumed new responsibilities, while still… Continue reading

5 Power Tips for Powerful Decisions

Frustration, fear, and stagnation are the result of not making decisions. How many times have you heard, “My boss can’t make a decision.” But, leaders who make rash decisions lose credibility. Success depends… Continue reading