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One Predictable Source of Tension on Teams

Tension between Dreamers and Doers is predictable and useful. Unfortunately, when misunderstood, tension creates drama and feels personal. Mutual irritation: Dreamers think about what will go right. Doers warn Dreamers about things that… Continue reading

Drama and Who Broke the Media Projector

No one knows when or how, but one of our media projectors is broken. I was fascinated how Doers, Dreamers, and Feelers responded.   Mr. Feeler wondered how someone could break something and… Continue reading

How Doers and Dreamers Drive Each Other Crazy

One of my biggest regrets as a leader is misunderstanding the unique viewpoints of Doers, Dreamers, and Feelers. Facing obstacles: Doers and Dreamers face resistance, obstacles, and failure differently. Doers push through. Dreamers… Continue reading