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Organizational Structure: A Living Dog is Better than a Dead Lion

Dead structure means people waste energy stumbling over trivialities.

Dynamic organizational structure enables people to flourish.

10 questions for building dynamic organizational structure…

5 Steps to Give Autonomy without Blowing Everything Up

One goal of managing is to supervise less. Managers work too hard because they supervise too much. Giving autonomy to supervisors scares the crap out of incompetent managers.

Bureaucrats become block autonomy with regulations. Control requires management and supervision. The bigger the employee handbook the more you need to supervise.

Give competent people autonomy. Control blocks autonomy.

One Simple Question That Keeps Projects from Going off the Rails

It’s unusual for projects to come in on target, on time, and on budget. Ask one simple question that gets teams solving problems before they happen. 12 reasons good projects go bad: One… Continue reading

Let go – 4 Remedies for Exhausted Control Freaks

My wife thinks I’m a control freak. I reject this spectacular exaggeration. It’s true I can’t let go of control, but I’m no freak about it. Just before she took off on errands… Continue reading

3 Ways to Protect Good Managers from Becoming Jerk-holes

Lousy managers think jerk-holery is an asset. Well-intentioned managers can slip into obnoxious behaviors because some jerk-holes are great at delivering results. 3 ways to protect good managers from becoming jerk-holes #1. Protect… Continue reading

6 Ways to Make Leadership Meaningful

Dedicated leaders tend to lose themselves to work. They end up frustrated, drained, and burned out. Take the helm of your leadership journey. Don’t let others drive your life. Life is too precious… Continue reading