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How to Build the Future by Asking Four Forward-Facing Questions

Frustration with teams and organizations is the result of avoiding questions that many leaders don’t dare to ask. Successful leaders ask forward-facing questions that define a future distinct from the past. 4 backward-facing questions: What’s… Continue reading

5 Lessons from a Lifetime of Mistake-Making

The real value of mistake-making is turning toward the future with less baggage. The future is built by both endings and beginnings. Wisdom gained from mistakes is about endings. It’s useful only as it… Continue reading

Four Ways to Accept Imperfection and Pursue Excellence At the Same Time

Leaders who can’t accept themselves are sure to look down on others. Perfectionism is self-rejection. Disapproval is the hammer of perfectionistic leaders. Arrogance, humility, pursuit, and perfectionism: Pursuit is energized with humility and… Continue reading

How to Deal with Performance Issues and Not Lose Your Mind

Silence when people don’t perform lets everyone know performance doesn’t matter. 7 causes of poor performance: #1. Management makes it nearly impossible to say no. When employees can’t say no to your face,… Continue reading

10 Dumb Decisions That Lead to Foolish Failure

All failures aren’t the same. 4 components of responsible failure: Preparation. Good intentions. Considered decisions. Maximum effort that doesn’t succeed. Leaders who punish responsible failure never exceed the glory of the past.  Leaders who… Continue reading

5 Ways Sincere Leaders Promote Irresponsibility

5 ways sincere leaders promote IRResponsibility: Help too soon. You tell people they aren’t responsible when you rush in to save the day. (You also suggest they aren’t capable.) Protect people from consequences.… Continue reading