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Grow and Give: Discovering the Path Forward

Talk of self-reflection felt like hippy talk to me. Now I know it’s essential.

Structured self-reflection enables you to grow and give.

The Ripple Effect: Understand How Consequences Work

Consequences mean actions matter. Even painful consequences reinforce the potency of our actions.

Some actions deliver immediate consequences.

How to Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors

We all do things that add weight to the journey. We don’t notice until consequences camp in the front yard.

Self-defeating behaviors corrode success even though they seem helpful.

The #1 Self-Defeating Behavior That Brings Leaders Down

The faster you stop holding yourself back the more your life will matter to others.

Other people aren’t your biggest challenge. You are.

See if you do some of the self-defeating behaviors I’ve held dear.

How to Bridge the Unseen Gap between Perception and Intent

Perception determines response. You respond to frowns different than smiles, unless the smile seems disingenuous.

The way you’re perceived governs how people respond to you. This wouldn’t matter if leadership was done in isolation.

The Secrets to Self-Leadership

I thought self-leadership was gobbledygook when I first heard the term. You live in frustration when leadership begins with others. You think you need new people; your team is lousy, but leadership begins… Continue reading